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7 | 1er semestre / Spring 2010
Institutions, régulation et développement - 2

Institutions, Régulation and Development - 2

Our call for submissions on the subject of ‘Institutions, regulation and development’ aroused so much interest that the articles selected have given rise to two special sections (issues 6 and 7). The contributions relate mainly to the debates presently underway and approaches feeding academic research on institutions, regulation and development.

The retrospective aspect, which involves a critical review of Regulation theory research in the study of development, has been addressed by Noureddine El Aoufi (issue 6). The author questions the relations between a school of thought – the Regulation school – and a field of investigation – development economics.

The success encountered by the call for submissions attracted contributions more oriented towards contemporary theoretical and empirical issues, as reflected in the particularly large place accorded to the ‘Opinion-Debates’ section.

In recent years, new branches have emerged within development economics and this phenomenon provides Véronique Dutraive (issue 6) with an opportunity to explore the New Institutionalist research programme. Stressing the considerable influence institutional economics has recently exerted on development economics, she offers a particularly enlightening interpretation of the contributions, but also the limitations, of this approach. The new development economics practiced at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL, co-directed by Esther Duflo, MIT), meanwhile, is the subject of an epistemological and historical analysis by Agnès Labrousse (issue 7), who shows that this approach could turn out to be a complement to mesoeconomics and political economy of development, but not a substitute for it. (...)