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9 | 1er semestre / Spring 2011
RSE, régulation et diversité du capitalisme

Corporate Social Responsability, Régulation and Diversity of Capitalism
Edited by Thomas Lamarche

This ninth issue of the Revue de la Régulation. Régulation Review provides an opportunity for further reflection on the transformations of contemporary capitalism through an examination of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its ability to play a role in the shaping of new compromises. The CSR institutionalisation process grants normative power to the companies and their management, notably at the expense of labour representatives. This important issue of power is thus explored in our special section, ‘Corporate social responsibility, regulation and diversity of capitalism’. As the title indicates, two central ideas, or questions, run through the articles in this section. On the one hand, the variety of practices and normative processes clearly seems to support the thesis of the diversity of capitalisms, a diversity which is illustrated by the multiple sectors and national arenas studied here. On the other hand, the issues of regulations, norms and power which are addressed in the domain of CSR raise questions about the regulation of capitalism (see the introductory essay, in French).

Following this special section, several articles extend the analysis of different aspects of the crisis of capitalism, which is closely related to the crisis of the representations of the economy. Once again, the tensions proper to financialisation come to the fore. (...)