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10 | 2e semestre / Autumn 2011
Post-keynésianisme et théorie de la régulation : des perspectives communes

Post-Keynesianism and Régulation Theory: Common Perspectives
Edited by Mickaël Clévenot

This tenth issue of the Revue de la Régulation reopens the dialogue between neo-Keynesian theory and Regulationist theory which was initiated in our very first issue through an interview with post-Keynesian economist Marc Lavoie. The exchange continues in the special section entitled ‘Post-Keynesianism and Regulation theory: shared perspectives’, where Englebert Stockhammer, interviewed by Robert Boyer and Mikaël Clévenot, reviews the stumbling blocks and meeting points between the two approaches. These questions are also addressed by Mark Setterfield, who emphasises the possible points of convergence. In a comparative reading of such potential, awaited and sometimes missed encounters, Robert Boyer explores ways of overcoming the obstacles to this intellectual exchange which is, in his view, quite beneficial. Angel Asensio, Sébastien Charles, Dany Lang and Edwin Le Heron, meanwhile, insist on the essential meeting points through a review of recent post-Keynesian studies. And the young Japanese researcher Hiroshi Nishi presents an empirical analysis of growth and demand formation across the Japanese economy based on VAR modelling. (...)