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The Régulation Review. Capitalism, Institutions, Power is an international, peer-reviewed, JEL-refereed, econlit-listed journal.

The journal seeks to provide a forum for research in the field of regulationist studies and, more broadly, for the full spectrum of institutionalist approaches in economics and beyond. The journal seeks above all to foster a broad discussion that includes other social sciences such as economic sociology, history, political science, management. >> read more

Latest issue
24 | 2nd semestre / Autumn 2018
Capitalismes dépendants

Dependent Capitalisms

This issue bears witness to the internationalisation of the Revue de la régulation, as seen, firstly, by the contributors, with articles from researchers belonging both to the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europe (Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, etc.), but also from other continents. The thematic content and the research areas are also geographically diverse and include Central and South-East Asia, Southern and West Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, etc.). >> read more