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Giacomo Becattini, a great contemporary political economist

Marco Bellandi
p. 9-12

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Giacomo Becattini (1927-2017) was a political economist, in the extended meaning of the term. Both the prominence and the peculiarity of his scholarly contribution come from the combination of four intellectual passions, enriched by his sharp intelligence and extraordinary eloquence.

The first intellectual passion was his concern to decipher and understand the inner connexions running between economy and society, and shaping the destiny of various forms of human organization in contemporary capitalism. He came across the work of Karl Marx early in his career, but the contributions of classical political economists – in particular Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill –, of Victorian economists, in particular Alfred Marshall, and a set of Italian economists and social thinkers from Carlo Cattaneo to Alberto Bertolino (his master at the University of Florence), Federico Caffè, Paolo Sylos-Labini and Giorgio Fuà, left a mark in his intellectual formation. Giacomo Becattini, who always maintained...

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Marco Bellandi, « Giacomo Becattini, a great contemporary political economist », Revue d'économie industrielle, 157 | 2017, 9-12.

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Marco Bellandi, « Giacomo Becattini, a great contemporary political economist », Revue d'économie industrielle [En ligne], 157 | 1er trimestre 2017, mis en ligne le 15 mars 2017, consulté le 11 décembre 2018. URL :

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Marco Bellandi

University of Florence

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