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The Marshallian industrial district as a socio-economic notion

Giacomo Becattini
p. 13-32

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II. Characteristics of the district
1. A definition
2. The local community
3. The population of firms
4. Human resources
5. The market
6. Competition and co-operation
7. An adaptive system
8. Technological change
9. A local credit system
10. Sources of dynamism
11. Consciousness, class and locality
III. Future developments of the district

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The following discussion was conceived initially as a framework for a theory of the industrial district. The objective of such a theory was twofold: first, it aimed at improving the accuracy of, and insights from, empirical studies of contemporary industrialisation; second, it was conceived as a first attempt towards recognising the existing links between the empirical issues of the district, and the main theoretical core of economic thinking – that is, of neoclassical, Marshallian, and Marxian thinking. Such a dual concern causes some sort of «cross-eyed» intellectual view. Whilst one will be forced to a jealous defence of the socio-economic unity of the object of inquiry, in order to stick closely to the «real thing», at the same time one will also be moved to trim and generalise in order to conform as much as possible to the requirements of clarity and symmetry of economic analysis.

In a sense, the result of such a process can only be unsatisfactory, because it will of...

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Giacomo Becattini, « The Marshallian industrial district as a socio-economic notion », Revue d'économie industrielle, 157 | 2017, 13-32.

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Giacomo Becattini, « The Marshallian industrial district as a socio-economic notion », Revue d'économie industrielle [En ligne], 157 | 1er trimestre 2017, mis en ligne le 15 mars 2017, consulté le 23 juillet 2018. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/rei.6507

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