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The social sciences nowadays are increasingly integrating the production of photographs (and drawings) into their methodology and, in many works, critical analysis is based on corpora of images. Therefore, the objective is to provide REMI readers with portfolios of photographs produced during the field research. The authors will position themselves within a rather broad spectrum where images will be the support of an approach that links visual sociology with sociology of the gaze (as proposed by Emmanuel Garrigues). The images can also be a mode of anthropological (Albert Piette) or geographical knowledge, up to the idea of alternative writings, as the first works of the National Network "Images, Transmedia Writings and Social Sciences".

Concerning the form, the portfolio can be either in French, English or Spanish. Its total length should be between 6,000 and 9,000 characters. It should include an introduction and a maximum of eight photographs with detailed descriptions ( The introduction should both give the context of the production of the images and specify how the use of photography adds to the production of knowledge. The portfolio follows the same presentation guidelines as the journal articles ( Contribution proposals should be sent to the REMI editorial team by email ( They should be unpublished and will undergo the anonymous peer review. The decision on publication (acceptance, correction proposals, rejection) will be given within three months of submission. As is customary, the author undertakes not to submit his or her text to another journal before having received a reply from the editorial team.

Marco Martiniello and Julien Thorez

Portfolio Editors

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