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A growing body of social science research now incorporates the production of photographs (and drawings) into its methodology and, in many works of research, critical analysis draws on corpora of images. The aim of this section is to provide a view of migrants, migration and migratory configurations by offering REMI readers portfolios of photographs produced as part of field research.

The authors will position themselves within a broad spectrum, in which images can be used to support an approach linking visual sociology with sociology of the gaze (as suggested by Emmanuel Garrigues). The images can also be a mode of anthropological (Albert Piette) or geographical knowledge.

Portfolios can be written in French, English or Spanish. They should include an introduction and a maximum of eight photographs, free of copyright, with detailed captions and should respect the journal’s technical requirements ( and The target length is 10,000-20,000 characters including spaces. The introduction should provide the context of the production of the images and explain how the use of photography adds to the production of knowledge. Portfolios should follow the same presentation guidelines as articles in the journal ( Proposed contributions should be sent by email to the REMI editorial team ( They should be unpublished and will be subject to anonymous peer-review. Decisions on publication (acceptance, suggestions for improvements and changes, or rejection) will be notified within three months of submission. In accordance with established practice for academic journals, authors undertake not to submit their text to other journals while it is under consideration by the REMI editorial team.

Marco Martiniello and Julien Thorez

Editors of Portfolio

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