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Submitting a Proposal for a Topical Collection

Proposals for a topical collection should be sent to by the coordinator(s). The Editorial Board will consider each proposal and inform the coordinator(s) of their decision within three months.

The proposal should include:

- Title in French and in English

- Name and contact details of the coordinator(s)

- Abstract in French and English (1,000 characters including spaces)

- Object of study and issues and arguments to be considered in French and English (8,000-10,000 characters including spaces)

Draft table of contents with the names of the authors proposed (or those who have agreed to contribute), bearing in mind that each collection will be the subject of a call for articles.

It should be noted that:

- Each topical collection includes an editorial followed by five or six articles or research notes and up to two columns (

- There may be a long interval between the submission of a topical collection and its publication. The timing will depend on the number of issues of the journal that are already scheduled and the number of topical collections awaiting publication. The average time between the first contact with the journal’s editorial team and the publication of the collection is approximately two years.

- Each collection has a maximum of two coordinators.

Coordinating a Topical Collection

Once the Editorial Board has approved a proposal for a topical collection, a publication supervisor is chosen from among the Board’s members or former members to be responsible for managing the collection throughout the process (from the selection of articles, to their delivery for publication). The publication supervisor will contact the coordinator(s) of the topical collection, inform them of the schedule, collect all the articles by the deadline and send them to the reviewers, edit the articles (check syntax, clarity, coherence, etc.) and verify compliance with the Guidelines for Contributors (

The coordinator(s) write the editorial (15,000-20,000 characters including spaces) introducing the topical collection, which should set out the thinking behind the creation of the collection and may include a presentation of each article.

Review Process

The authors should be aware that the acceptance of a proposal for an article or reception of an article does not mean it will be published.

Each article will be subject to a double-blind review (articles are reviewed by three reviewers, including one member of the Editorial Board and two external members). The coordinator(s) must ensure that articles are anonymised before they are sent to the reviewers. The coordinator(s) then send the summary of the review to the authors without mentioning the reviewers’ names.


- Deadline for delivery of articles to the publication supervisor: 3 months
- Deadline for receipt by the publication supervisor of reviewers’ comments: 2 months
- Deadline for receipt by the publication supervisor of the amended articles: 1 month
- Deadline for receipt by the journal’s secretariat of articles edited by the publication supervisor: 2 months
- Deadline for proofreading and layout before publication: 2 months

Composition of the Final Collection

- Editorial (15,000-20,000 characters including spaces)
- Five to six articles or research notes and up to two columns
- Table of contents in French, English and Spanish
- Fifteen lines presenting the collection
- Cover image (resolution: 300 dpi; orientation: portrait; size: 16x20 cm; if the author is not the copyright holder, they must obtain permission to reproduce the image prior to submission)


Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Reviewers


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