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How to Submit a Proposal of a Thematic Issue on REMI?

The proposals of a thematic issue should be sent to by its coordinators. The editorial board shall consider each proposal and inform the coordinator (s) of its decision within three months.

The proposal should include:
- A title
- The name, the surname, the email and the professional address of the coordinator/s
- The object of study (“poblématique” in the french context) accompanied by an argumentation. The extension should be at least 8,000 characters and not exceed 10,000 characters (spaces included)
- A summary with the name of the authors proposed (or already confirmed), their occupation, their email and professional address, as well as the title and an abstract (between 3,000 to 4,000 characters, spaces included) of each paper. Each thematic issue is comprised of an editorial followed by five or six articles

There may be a long period between the submission of the thematic issue and its publication. The waiting period depends on the number of issues already planned and the number of proposals awaiting to be published. The average time between the first contact with the journal and the publication of the issue is about two years.

If the Editorial Board of REMI Accepts your Proposal

Once the editorial board approves a proposal of a thematic issue, it chooses one of their members to be in charge of the thematic issue. This person will also manage it during the whole process: from the selection of the articles until their delivery, once they are ready to be published. They should also contact the coordinator/s of the thematic issue, present the schedule to them, collect all papers on the closing date and send them to the evaluators, edit the papers (check the syntax, the understanding, the coherence, etc.) and verify the compliance with the “note to authors”.

The coordinator/s is in charge of writing the editorial (about 15,000 characters, spaces included) of the thematic issue. A presentation of each paper can be included.

The Evaluation Process of Articles

The authors should be aware that the acceptance or reception of any article does not mean it will be published. The authors will receive an abstract of their paper evaluation without knowing the identity of the reviewers. The reviewers do not know the identity of the author either.

The Planning Schedule

- The period for submitting the papers to the person in charge: 3 months
- The period for sending the evaluators comments to the person in charge: 2 months
- The period for sending the papers once the modifications are made by the authors or by the person in charge of the publication: 1 month
- The period for sending the papers to the secretariat of the journal, once they were edited by the person in charge of the publication: 2 month
- The period for the proofreading and layout before publication: 2 months

Composition of the Finalized Issue

- An editorial
- Five or six articles
- A summary translated into French and Spanish
- Fifteen lines of presentation of the issue
- A cover image (resolution: 300 dpi; orientation: portrait; size: 16x20 cm)


Note to authors

Instructions for reviewers

Guidelines for presentation

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