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The Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales (REMI) was launched in 1985 by Gildas Simon. It publishes both empirical and theoretical research works related to international migrations and interethnic relations. While Europe remains the spatial framework of reference, the journal is also open to other areas and migratory systems throughout the world.

Latest issue
vol. 40 - n°1 | 2024
Migrations et développement. Enjeux politiques

Migrations and Development. Political Issues
Migraciones y desarrollo. Cuestiones políticas
Edited by Giulia Breda, Claire Vincent-Mory and Hélène Thiollet
REMI 40 n°1 | Migrations et développement. Enjeux politiques
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Credits: Kairo Leon

The interrelationship between migration and development is now a common feature of multi-level public action. This ordinary institutional subject is characterised in particular by a depoliticised and instrumental approach, based on an economic perspective, which tends to divert attention from the power relationships and make invisible the political issues that crosses the field of migration and development. With these considerations in mind, this topical collection aims to bring the critical study of the political dynamics at work in the field of migration and development back to the centre of the scientific debate. The articles in this topical collection analyse the political issues at stake in the discourses, practices and representations of a wide range of actors in a variety of fields in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. By historicising them, they give an account of the conflicts, the struggles for control of the arenas and the ideological anchoring, while pointing to the expansion of the research objects and scenes of the migration-development nexus.

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