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The Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales (REMI) was launched in 1985 by Gildas Simon. It publishes both empirical and theoretical research works related to international migrations and interethnic relations. While Europe remains the spatial framework of reference, the journal is also opened to other areas and migratory systems throughout the world.

The REMI delivers four issues per year and is available in full text on, with a restriction period of two years. Editions released prior to 2002 are online in their full version on the Persée website.
As part of the commercial circulation agreement between CLEO and, the latest editions of the journal are available via pay-per-view access on the Cairn portal and Cairn International.
The journal is edited by the University of Poitiers with the support of the INSHS of CNRS. The steering committee has the responsibility of its realization and delegates this function to the director/s of the journal. The publishing director, also in charge of its legal liability, is the President of the University of Poitiers. The head office of the journal is located at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société (The Institute for Human and Social sciences) of Poitiers.

The REMI, as an interdisciplinary journal opened to all social sciences, is an observatory of the diversity and evolution of the migratory systems, of the complexity of international migrations and of social dynamics:
- To consider international migrations research in a multi- and interdisciplinary way. From the different disciplines of the social sciences, such as Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Law, Demography, History, etc., the REMI aims to provide a rich and diversified analysis on the phenomenon of migration.
- To present the perspective of European and international scholars on international migrations.
- To make the contents of the journal available to a wide range of readers (researchers, teachers, students, etc.), and to promote the accessibility of the journal to the Anglophone public through the International Cairn platform.

Latest issue
vol. 33 - n°2 et 3 | 2017
Dire la violence des frontières. Mises en mots de la migration vers l'Europe

ISBN 979-10-90426-59-7
Edited by Cécile Canut, Anaïk Pian and Véronique Petit
Saying the Borders’ Violence. Enwording Migration to Europe
Decir la violencia de las fronteras. Plasmar en palabras la migración hacia Europa