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51 | 2015
Explorer les lieux et les temps de la lecture

Exploring places and times of reading
Edited by Olivier Dezutter and Jean-Louis Dufays
Repères n° 51
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16 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-2-84788-712-9

Noting that the teaching and learningof reading is, in many ways, a permanent travel in space and time, this issue focuses on the situation of pupils readers in their early years learning, on the practices of their teachers and on the educationalists work for seeking to better understand and guide the activities of each other. So attention turns on the way that reading terms of students vary according to context - school or extraschool - and ages (M. Brunel and J.-L. Dufays); on reception of gendered stereotypes of youth literature albums in contrasting areas of museum and school (A. Dias-Chiaruttini); on how a teacher organizes the different times of the novel in a "ordinary"  literary meeting (Br. Louichon.); on the activity of a professor of CP while teaching reading and writing from literary texts (M. Fradet-Hannoyer); on the steps by which new teachers become professionals of reading instruction (S. Briquet-Duhazé); on a device that aims to promote ownership and storage of readings by students (A. Perrin-Doucey and S. Warnet); on the gradual implementation of an explicit learning to understand from children's picture books (P. Dupont); and on how fictional emotions allow the student-player to experience bodily the character’s point of view (V. Larrivé).

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