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Permanent Call for Papers: “Varia” Section

RESET - Social Science Research on the Internet is a biannual academic journal. Its goal is to promote research in which the Internet plays a key part, either as an object of study or as an essential and useful tool to understand social phenomena. While each issue gathers articles dedicated to a specific topic that the social sciences have been addressing for years, but now renewed with or on the Internet, RESET remains open to articles focusing on other themes, through its ‘Updating the Classics’ and ‘Varia’ sections.

Thus, for the latter, RESET encourages researchers to submit any contribution resonating with the perspective that gave birth to the journal: instead of highlighting the singularity of the Internet, the challenge is to show that its uses and related practices are embedded within classical and cross-cutting questionings formulated by the social sciences. In particular, do emerging digital tools necessarily change underlying social mechanisms? Do qualitative as well as quantitative methods require renewals to keep studying phenomena that now take place partly or entirely online? In this way, regardless of their research object or questions, articles submitted to the ‘Varia’ section should both present a clear statement of their data collection, fieldwork and methodology, and rely on a rigorous theoretical background, which excludes purely reflexive or speculative proposals.

The editorial board welcomes for review any article meeting these specified criteria. Articles should be between 6 000 and 9 000 words (plus references) and should not have been simultaneously submitted to any other publication. Authors are of course very welcome to contact the editorial board for any queries regarding the journal or their potential submission. They should feel free, for example, to send an abstract (no more than 500 words) to ensure that their future contribution complies with the journal’s expectations. The RESET journal accepts texts in either French or English. Articles may be sent year-round to ; authors will be sent an acknowledgment of receipt.

Proposals will be evaluated though a double-blind review process within two to three months. Authors whose full articles have been accepted will be invited to provide a final version of their article (if necessary, amended following reviewers’ requests and suggestions) according to a schedule agreed with the editorial board. Publication in a forthcoming issue of RESET is contingent upon this evaluation process, as described on the journal website.

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