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Thematic articles

This section is the core of the journal. It presents and discusses empirical work addressing the themes and questions raised in the call for papers.


This section consists of one to two articles which broaden the disciplinary scope to include work from various disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, as complementary views may open up possibilities for dialogue and reflection. This section is thus dedicated to contributions from the perspectives of economics, anthropology, history, or philosophy for instance. The evaluation and selection process is the same as for the thematic articles.

Updating the classics

This section aims to revive and reconsider fundamental references of the social sciences by discussing the applicability of their theories to internet-related issues. The section can be thought of as an opportunity to reconnect seemingly new questions with the history of social sciences. It contains one to two articles that are evaluated in the same way as the other articles.


RESET also accepts submissions of social science work unrelated to the thematic focus of each issue but which addresses the internet either as an object of inquiry or as a research tool. These papers are submitted to the same criteria and modalities of evaluation (methodological, theoretical and empirical quality) as in the other sections. Each issue contains up to two articles for this section.

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