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More than a set of principles: analytical sociology at work

Carmelo Lombardo
p. 293-301
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Gianluca MANZO (ed.), 2014, Analytical Sociology. Actions and Networks, Chichester, Wiley, p.xviii-430.

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This article is supported by the Grant Agency of Czech Republic, grant n. P404/11/0949. I am thankful to the Institute of Sociological Studies in Prague and to Prof. Hynek Jeřábek for his hospitality.

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1. The movement known as analytical sociology (AS) has for years represented the most interesting challenge in the attempt to construct a so-called middle-range sociology such as that developed by Paul F. Lazarsfeld and Robert K. Merton at Columbia University in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Analytical sociology. Actions and Networks edited by Gianluca Manzo constitutes an interpretation of the identity of AS that is equally interesting. The aim that Manzo states in his introduction to this volume is a bold and ambitious one: to provide not only a better, clearer and more exhaustive list of the principles upon which the cognitive task of AS is based, but, above all, to give also a metatheoretical framework and a research program. This is of course my interpretation. The author keeps a low profile, presenting his position simply as a proposal for “a specific understanding of analytical sociology” which means neither “to speak for analytical sociology” nor to “polish and police its present b...

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Carmelo Lombardo, « More than a set of principles: analytical sociology at work », Revue européenne des sciences sociales [En ligne], 53-1 | 2015, mis en ligne le 01 janvier 2019, consulté le 19 juillet 2018. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/ress.3004

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Carmelo Lombardo

Sapienza University of Rome

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