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Re-thinking the university project: Academia’s auto-immune disease and the prospect of a cure

Libor Benda
p. 261-274
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Ingrid M. HOOFD, Higher Education and Technological Acceleration: The Disintegration of University Teaching and Research, New York, Palgrave, xi + 170 p.

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I thank Filip Vostal for useful suggestions that significantly improved the text, and Xing Su for proofreading. This paper has been written as part of the Czech Science Foundation grant no. 16-18371Y.

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1. Academia’s auto-immunity: an outline of the argument
2. Technological acceleration and “speed-elitism”
3. The possibility of “true” critical thought
Concluding remarks

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The transformation of the university and higher education in general under the neo-liberal economy has been a hot topic for social researchers for some time now. Over the last few decades, countless books have been published on the effects of neo-liberalism on higher education, many of them written from radically different and even incompatible theoretical and ideological perspectives, all of them nevertheless indicating that something serious is indeed going on. With regard to the sheer amount of ink and paper dedicated to the task of shedding light on neo-liberalism’s pernicious effects on university teaching and research, as well as on the university staff itself, one may even wonder why add another title to the already existing pile of available scholarship on the topic. After all, aren’t we academicians very well aware of what is going on? Don’t we all have our personal experiences of marketization of education and research, commodification of knowledge, academic capitalism, au...

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Libor Benda, « Re-thinking the university project: Academia’s auto-immune disease and the prospect of a cure », Revue européenne des sciences sociales [En ligne], 56-2 | 2018, mis en ligne le 14 décembre 2021, consulté le 19 février 2019. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/ress.4684

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Libor Benda

Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

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