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Selection Criteria

Revus – Journal for Constitutional Theory and Philosophy of Law is a scientific journal with an international advisory board and high-quality review criteria. The journal publishes several types of contributions, which follow different criteria.

Original scientific papers and legal chronicles are submitted to two external experts for a blind peer review. Just as the names of the authors of contributions are not made known to their reviewers, so the authors of submitted contributions do not know who is reviewing their contributions. Authors receive reviews within two months at the most from the moment they submit their contributions. Possible review outcomes include: (1.) The submitted contribution is accepted for publication on the basis of two positive blind peer reviews. (2.) The contribution is accepted provided it is modified: reviewers' comments (and those of editors, if any) are communicated to the author so that he/she might decide whether to submit his contribution, improved in accordance with given proposals, for publication. (3.) The publication of the submitted contribution is rejected. In this case, the author is provided with the reasons for the rejection made on the basis of blind peer reviews.

In addition to original scientific papers and legal chronicles, Revus publishes translations of relevant legal discussions from foreign languages into Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin or Macedonian. Reviews of books and doctoral thesis are not subject to blind peer reviews; in this case, the fulfilment of scientific publication criteria is verified by editors.

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