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47 | 2022

Editor’s notes

Papers are added here as they get accepted. These are final online versions. For the most recent published issue see "Latest issues" section in the column on your left.

 Prihajajoče številke se vsebinsko še oblikujo. Do izida v tiskani obliki bodo posamezni članki, ki so že sprejeti v objavo, dostopni tukaj.  

  • Damiano Canale and Carlo Penco
  • Yohan Molina
  • Julieta Rabanos
    Algunas observaciones al “What makes a Transnational Rule of Law?” de Verónica Rodríguez-Blanco
    Some remarks on Rodriguez-Blanco’s “What makes a Transnational Rule of Law?”
  • Visions of constitutionalism: Institutions

    Revusov forum
    Edited by Donald Bello and Ana Cannilla

    Constitutional scholars are concerned with the pressing issues that liberal democracies face today and thus strive to rethink and improve the theory and practice of constitutionalism accordingly. By bringing together leading experts in constitutional and political theory to discuss relevant issues of constitutional government and democratic theory, this symposium on Visions of Constitutionalism responds to that concern. 

    Readers of Revus will enjoy a wide range of novel approaches to constitutionalism. Bringing fresh ideas to the fore, rethinking core debates and developing key ideas in constitutional theory and practice, the sysmposium unfolds in two issues of Revus. In the previous issue, our contributors originally point out challenges and shortcomings of contemporary constitutional theory, dealing with them in ways that develop fruitful new philosophical lines of constitutional thought. In this issue, our authors pose urgent questions of institutional design and shed light on how to make different views of constitutionalism work, ranging from theoretical proposals on how to institutionalize different forms of constitutionalism to relevant analysis on the institutional instantiations of constitutional theories presenting themselves as alternatives to more traditional approaches which underscore the role of constitutions as curbs on majoritarian political power.

     We hope the symposium will help readers assess whether or to what extent our received views of constitutionalism and institutional design are fit for the purpose of tackling current political challenges to liberal democracies. Examining sundry relevant problems of constitutional theory and practice, our contributors present an ample breadth of perspectives that will add to the existing literature on constitutionalism and contribute to pushing the field of constitutional thought forward in relevant and original ways.

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