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Revus is the first journal for constitutional theory and philosophy of law in South-East Europe. (It was formerly subtitled as european constitutionality review.) The journal provides a unique regional legal forum by publishing contributions in various languages. One of our purposes is to build a bridge between legal scholars from the region and abroad. (..more..)

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Latest issue
33 | 2017
Pre-Conventions or Normative Facts (2/2)

Edited by Luka Burazin, Andrej Kristan and Matija Žgur
  • Discussion with Bruno Celano

    Revusov forum
    Edited by Matija Žgur


    Immediately after the publication of the Italian original of Bruno Celano’s paper Pre-convenzioni (Ragion pratica 2014/2) we decided to prepare its English translation for publication in Revus. My conversations with Marco Brigaglia regarding this project stimulated the organisation of a broader critical forum dedicated to Celano’s paper. Brigaglia kindly accepted the invitation to contribute a comprehensive introductory study. This underlines the significance of the paper within Celano’s larger opus by showing that it constitutes a crucial (though implicit) turn, which may be represented as the author’s first step towards a “psychological jurisprudence”.

    The resulting discussion on pre-conventions is placed in two issues of Revus. Whereas Revus (2016) 30 includes Celano's paper and the contributions of Marco Brigaglia, Federico José Arena, Dale Smith and José Juan Moreso, the present issue features the comments by Luís Duarte d’Almeida, Rodrigo Sánchez Brigido, Pierluigi Chiassoni, Marco Segatti, and Sebastián Figueroa Rubio – together with Celano’s reply to them all.

    As the editor of this discussion, I wish to thank Marco Segatti for the English translation, as well as the reviewers and commentators for their participation. Of course, a special thanks goes to Bruno Celano who graciously accepted to confront the challenges presented by the commentators.

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