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202 | 2018
Recherche, politique et pratiques en éducation : services rendus et questions posées d’un univers à l’autre /3

Educational research, policy and practice: services provided and questions posed between the different spheres /3
Edited by Sylvain Doussot and Jean-Yves Rochex
Couverture Revue française de pédagogie
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ISBN 979-10-362-0184-4

This issue of the Revue française de pédagogie is the third issue devoted to papers treating the relationships between academic research, politics, administration and professional practice in education. The reader will find analyses, reflection and testimonials on the complex and "intermittent" relationships between the worlds of research and political decision-making at both national (papers written by J.-R. Cytermann and N. Mons about the experience of CNESCO – National Council for the Evaluation of the School System), and local (paper written by B. Dejaiffe and al. concerning the reform of school schedules) levels.

Policymakers are not alone to show an interest in research work and results. This is also the case of union leaders and activists and two papers in this issue (written by D. Adam and H. Le Fiblec) are reflections on the relationship to education research and the uses of research surveys and results by two different teacher union federations in France. Two other papers complete this issue. The first, written by M.-A. Éthier and D. Lefrançois, is a reflection on the very lively public debate concerning the teaching of national history in high schools in Quebec and the role that the authors attempted to play in this debate as experts in didactics. The second, by B. Moignard, focuses on the relationships between the construction of public problems in education, the experience and difficulties of the players, and the construction of the scientific object, as well as on scientific and political controversies regarding the legitimacy of social topics in education to be redefined as research topics and scientific objects.

This issue brings important new contributions to a question that is far from closed and which will not fail to see new developments in our review. To be continued…


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