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The idea of issuing a French Information and Communication Sciences Review is a logical extension of the long publishing history of the SFSIC. For example, from its inception, our learned society developed a sustained programme of publications: proceedings of conferences and "doctoral days", Research directory (1994, 1998, 2002), Directory of research teams (1994, 2004), Review directory (2002), a quarterly periodical: the InforCom newsletter, a Website (launched in 2000), and a newsletter, first published in 1998 (SFSIC-Infos). The publications were diversified in 2006, with the History of ICS DVD Collection and Les Cahiers de la SFSIC . The aim was as much to develop our collective memory as to report on emerging issues and showcase original experiments.

Today, we are taking up a new challenge: the publication of a scientific review in French, aimed at an international audience of researchers, teachers, and information and communication professionals, covering a wide range of specialities. Our editorial ambition is to be recognised as one of the key contributors to the international reputation of our scientific work: we intend to report on scientific progress in the various fields of information and communication sciences, emerging research, including work on social practices, systems, hardware and concepts, research activities, articles by young researchers, reviews, teaching departments, study groups, related associations, etc., and any commercial applications of our research that we consider compatible with the SFSIC's objectives as an association and, thus, legitimate with regard to the expectations of our membership. It goes without saying that we shall make every effort to meet the criteria of a serious scientific review, with an editorial board, international scientific committee, rigorous selection of articles, and regular publication.

We aim to contribute to the epistemological debates that have been largely responsible for the emancipation and organization of our scientific fields over the past four decades. On this point, we feel it is important to recognise the diversity and interest of the scientific initiatives taken by a number of key players from a variety of institutions: laboratories, associations, field reviews, CNU and AERES, etc. Contributing to this debate is also a way for SFSIC to affirm its legitimate role in bringing these players together, sometimes, it is true, with some tensions, but certainly for the benefit of a French-speaking community that is, we are sure, keen to achieve the successful integration of their collective knowledge. The future French information and communication sciences review must, therefore, comply fully with this policy of integrating different fields of knowledge. And, in echo to the "uniting concern", one of the major characteristics of the Age of Enlightenment, we shall focus on "uniting intelligibility".

Christian Le Moënne

Gino Gramaccia

Alain Kiyindou

President of the SFSIC – Editor of the publication
Université Rennes 2

Honorary President of the SFSIC - Senior Editor
Université Bordeaux 1

Honorary President of the SFSIC - Senior Editor
Université Bordeaux 3

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