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Evaluation of the articles

Évaluation des articles

The procedure for the evaluation of articles is anonymous, double-blind, which means that neither the authors nor the two reviewers reporting on the text reveal their identity.

It is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief of the journal to appoint reviewers and to follow up on the evaluation. In the case of thematic issues, this task may be delegated to the special issue editors.

The deadline given to reviewers is three weeks, with the possibility of increasing this time depending on their availability.

After the return of the evaluations mentioning an acceptance, a request for minor or major modifications or a refusal, the authors have a period of 3 weeks to provide a corrected version of their text, with a possibility to increase this period according to their availability. This new version must imperatively be accompanied by a report detailing all the modifications made to the text as well as justifications when necessary.

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