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99-1 | 2011
Processus de migration dans les régions de montagne, et en particulier dans les Alpes

Migratory processes in mountain areas, particularly in the European Alps
Cairn en Vallouise
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Credits : Ph. Bourdeau

Mountain areas, including the alpine region, have always seen a great deal of migration movements. Current migratory processes, however, are related to urban population's new lifestyles and housing needs, to the construction of second homes and to international tourism. They present new challenges to many alpine regions. Five contributions by John Provo / Mel Jones, Anne-Lise Head-König, Bernard Debarbieux / Martin Camenisch, Manfred Perlik, and  Martin Boesch / Erich Renner /  Dominik Siegrist are contextualising current migratory processes in the alpine region and other mountain areas in terms of their histories, and to identify new social and spatial dimensions as well as research needs.