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Resources, tourism and mountain territorial development

Call for papers – 15 April 2012

Rationale and objectives

The Journal of Alpine Research is preparing a special issue dedicated to the theme “Resources”, tourism and mountain territorial development.” The objective is to bring together analyses concerning the identification, “invention,” communication and exploitation of territorial resources in development initiatives including tourism in African and European mountainous regions, or beyond. It will particularly stress the capacity of referring to “mountains,” as a generic category of geographic knowledge as well as of the tourist imagination, to serve as a value in itself or to qualify as a component of local resources. We postulate that this dimension, be it in relation to territory or to “identity,” is central to processes of territorial construction, valorization, and heritage-building in mountainous regions.

In addition, we are interested in how the mobilization of actors and resources set in motion by the promotion of local development initiatives embracing tourism responds not only to the specificity of the economic prospects but also to its qualities of equity and solidarity. Therefore, at the heart of this collection of articles will be the processes by which territorial-tourism projects are constructed, the qualities and resources which are evoked, and the contradictions potentially existing between the mobilized references.


The themes approached in this volume are preferably those based on scientific issues related to the following questions:

  • How are local territorial resources defined as “mountainous” identified and mobilized in development initiatives in general, and in tourism development in particular?

  • What diagnostics can we offer regarding the prospects for vertical integration, “baskets of goods”, (territorial arrangements (or set) of goods and related values and qualities) and local circuits (involving agriculture, pastoralism, crafts, tourism, etc.), that is to say, regarding the amplification of resource systems?

  • What roles do touristic imaginaries (relative to mountains, local cultures, etc.) and the actions of tourism operators (notably in view of the habitus of touristic marketing) play in the identification of local resources?

  • What are the social resources (cultural, political, institutional, etc.) mobilized by actors to promote the development of tourism?

  • To what degree do local actors conceive of their actions (particularly their identification and development of resources) as according with national policies, recommendations from abroad, or development models circulating among NGOs?

Calendar of activities

Submission of manuscripts to the editors : Frédéric Giraut (, or Said Boujrouf (, or Lawali Dambo ( or Emmanuelle Tricoire ( 15 April 2012

Deadline for reviewers reports: 15 June 2012

Submission of revised manuscripts: 1st August 2012

Publication: October 2012

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