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History and reference indexing

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Historique et référencement

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Brief history

1The Revue de géographie alpine (RGA) was founded in 1913 by the French geographer, Raoul Blanchard, and since 2003 has been published in both French and English. Since its creation, it has been open to the neighbouring disciplines of geography and has specialised in the study of mountain areas. From 1968, it has been managed by the Association de géographie alpine, linked to the Institut de géographie alpine (IGA) and part of the Université Joseph Fourrier (Grenoble). In June 2004, it became the Revue de géographie alpine/Journal of Alpine research, and began publishing, in French and in English, hitherto unpublished scientific papers on regional and environmental questions concerning the Alpine Arc and other European mountain areas. Analyses of other mountain areas of the world may also be included in issues dealing with a comparative theme. All the social sciences (geography, history, sociology, anthropology, geopolitics etc.) are invited to make contributions to discussion on the different issues affecting alpine areas.

2In 2013, its centenary year, the journal, henceforth to be known as the Journal of Alpine research|Revue de géographie alpine, is continuing to open up the francophone way of thinking to the world. Articles will be published in two languages. One version will be in English, which is essential to ensure the dissemination of ideas to a wide range of readers, while the other will be in one of the alpine languages, namely French, German, or Italian, or in Spanish.

Index referencing

3The journal is indexed in the following information systems:

4Library of Congress,, EDS and Atoz d’Ebsco, 360 Core de Serials Solutions, SFX and Primo Central d’Exlibris, Summon de Proques.

5It is also referenced by AERES, the Web Of Science, Scopus, DOAJ.

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