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1France is currently seeing the mobilisation of a social movement against the guidelines set out in three preparatory reports for the draft law on multi-annual research programming (LPPR). These reports were drawn up without taking into account the scientific community’s point of view, which it had clearly expressed.

2The journal is affected by this movement because it has close ties to France. Some of its editorial board members, its management team and most of its funding come from France. However, while this news story affects the French academic world most directly, it echoes movements from the past and the present that involve the broader international scientific community. As a multilingual international journal, the JAR/RGA, taking its lead from its members, notes its concern to its readers and contributors regarding these developments in international research.

3These guidelines form part of an ongoing process of commodifying and gentrifying research, which increases competition between researchers and universities. The members of the JAR/RGA editorial board are voicing their commitment to autonomy, plurality and the collective dimension of public research, and they reaffirm their desire to participate in the dissemination of research that is high-quality, open and free. These values are reflected in the choice made 10 years ago to host the journal on the OpenEdition Journals portal.

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« Motion of editorial comitee against the draft law on multi-annual research programming (LPPR) », Journal of Alpine Research | Revue de géographie alpine [En ligne], Motion contre les orientations du projet de loi sur la programmation pluriannuelle de la recherche, mis en ligne le , consulté le 27 mars 2020. URL :

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