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The Journal of Alpine Research | Journal of Alpine Geography is a scientific, quarterly, international and multidisciplinary journal on the Alpine arc and the mountains of the world. Established in 1913, it is published by ADRA and UGA Éditions. Articles are in Alpine languages or in spanish with always an english version.
Volumes n°1 to 94 (1913-2006) are hosted by Persée.

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111-4 | 2023 (Open issue)
Varia 2023

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Numéro ouvert le 15 janvier 2023

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111-2 | 2023
Les versants englacés de la haute montagne alpine : Évolution holocène et impacts de la crise climatique actuelle

The glaciated Slopes of the High Alpine Mountains: Holocene Evolution and Impacts of the Current Climate Crisis
Secteur du Miage sur le versant italien du massif du Mont-Blanc
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Credits: Melaine Le Roy
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