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The Revue germanique internationale is dedicated to the history and the culture of German speaking countries. The journal is explicitly multidisciplinary in scope.

Each issue is thematically composed and welcomes contributions from international specialists onfundamental aspects of the literature, philosophy, sociology, cultural history or art history of the German speaking world. Drawing on the approach of cultural transfers, the latter is studied through its meeting points with the countries that contributed to its own selfdefinition: be it England, Russia, the Baltic States or, last but not least, Greece. The journal is particularly interested in exploring cross-cutting issues, such as the formation of aesthetics or the beginnings of Oriental philology. A significant focus is on times of crisis or transformation, as well as on the events and the currents of thought that affect the shaping of national identities (the Judaeo-German osmosis, philhellenism,…).

The Revue germanique internationale publishes 2 issues each year. All contributions are in French. provides online, fulltext access to the journal from its date of inception to a moving wall of 3 years from present.


The Revue germanique internationale was founded in 1994 by Michel Espagne and Jacques Le Rider. The old series (Presses universitaires de France) includes 22 volumes.

Since 2005, the journal has been published by CNRS Editions. It is edited by Michel Espagne and is published twice a year.

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