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The Journal Revista Historia y Justicia is a twice-yearly periodical that deals with the encounter between history and justice scientific fields. The journal originated from shared concerns across historians who work with judicial and legal archives, amongst others both in Chile and other Spanish speaking countries. It covers a wide period of time, from the end of the 16th century to the present. The journal does not restrict its scope to the specific Spanish cultural landscape, neither limit itself to the history of justice in a strict sense. It was conceived as a platform to submit unpublished articles which contribute to the analysis of the relationship between history and justice. In other words, it represent a stage where to study their questions, actors and practices across time, from modern or colonial period to the present. Its international dimension pointed to the Spanish speaking country. Supported in a professional peer-review process, the journal published research results in form of papers and dossiers.

Latest issue
20 | 2023

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