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28 | 2016
Les sciences du psychisme et l’animal

The psychological sciences and the animal
Edited by Rémy Amouroux, Aude Fauvel and Jérôme Michalon
Couverture RHSH 28|2016
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16 x 24 cm - 300 pages
ISBN 978-2-85944-938-4

Psychiatrists drugging dogs, psychologists bombing goats with tests, psychotherapists taking baby monkeys away from their mothers to observe them: psychology as a whole seems to support a classically utilitarian view of animals, which are exploited and sacrificed for the requirements of knowledge. As elsewhere in the sciences, the question of animals in the field of psychology therefore leads us to the history of their suffering.

This issue looks at the link between animals and psychologists from another angle. Examining, among other things, nineteenth-century zoological psychology, contemporary zootherapy, and the role of chows in psychoanalysis, its contributors show that the various disciplines of the mind have been established not only against, but also with animals, in a relationship of mutual influence and collaboration. Animals have indeed been used for experiments, but they have also been patients, inspirers, and even partners of psychologists.Their little-known contribution to the development of psychical discourses and therapies, as this issue shows, prompts us to rethink the construction of the human sciences in terms of the animal.

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