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32 | 2018
Penser par Écoles

Schools of Thought
Edited by Olivier Orain and Jean-Christophe Marcel
Couverture RHSH 32|2018
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16 x 24 cm - 296 pages
ISBN 979-10-351-0072-8

To speak of 'schools' in relation to scholarly groupings is common enough, but this phenomenon is rarely examined historically. The aim of this issue is to take seriously its use by scholars, not only as a convenient or incriminating label, but also as a way of revealing the humanities and social sciences in the making, in particular since they became disciplines (late 19th - early 20th centuries). The term 'school' encompasses teacher(s)' and 'pupil(s)', modes of transmission and collective elaboration, but also more or less avowed subversion. It is a category that can refer to academic styles and practices (under the controversial label of 'schools of thought'), to localised conditions of production, or to the ways research and teaching function. Often we speak of 'schools' in the humanities and social science to emphasise that, at a given moment, a tradition, or even an orthodoxy, is being constructed. The cases presented in this issue, from diverse times and spaces, and of unequal scope, contribute to renewing historiographical research on this category of analysis.

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