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57 | septembre 2011
Le plaisir et l'ennui à l'école

Pleasure and boredom at school
El placer y el aburrimiento en la escuela
Edited by Laurence Cornu
Le plaisir et l'ennui à l'école
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ISBN 978-2-85420-592-3

In its September issue, the Revue Internationale d'Education de Sèvres brings together teachers, philosophers, writers, psychoanalysts and sociologists from a dozen countries to call into question what is expected of schools in different parts of the world, basing their exploration on attitudes towards pleasure and boredom in the classroom – what is expected from one day to the next, as well as "for later on", with regard to an institution's purpose and of the everyday experience of attending it.
What is the "official" line from one country to another on the pleasure of going to school and studying there? Surveys, testimonies and literature: what do pupils, teachers, school principals and parents have to say on the subject? In concrete terms, what is the atmosphere like and what pedagogical practices are current in classrooms and institutions?
The investigation could go on forever. The invitation put out to a dozen contributors has revealed a heartening diversity as well as some extraordinary convergences, highlighting a number of present-day trends in that age-old global system known as Schooling.
A file coordinated by the philosopher Laurence Cornu, Director of the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Tours

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