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62 | avril 2013
Les attentes éducatives des familles

Educational expectations of families
Las expectativas educativas de las familias
Edited by Xavier Pons and Florence Robine
Couverture RIES 62
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ISBN 978-2-85420-599-2

Throughout the world, families' educational expectations have changed. Expectations have increased and become more diverse and, in many countries, this change seems to be accompanied by a loss of confidence in the capacity of schools to promote successful social integration of their children. Families are resorting to compensatory strategies with increasing frequency, in particular by looking to the education market.
Families' expectations, as examined through ten case studies focusing on diverse cultural, economic and geographic contexts, prove to be a powerful insight into the way educational institutions work. Decision makers are today confronted by completely new situations which lead to look at formal education in a different way, going beyond conventional thinking on "bad" parents, parental break-up or in contrast, parents purely as consumers.
The studies put forward in this issue show that the reality of relations between schools and families is multi-faceted and often shaped by education systems themselves. These findings call for a profound review of the roles of schools and parents in order to develop a mutual understanding and a shared definition of education.
An issue coordinated by Xavier Pons, Florence Robine.

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