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65 | avril 2014
Le financement de l’éducation

Financing education
La financiación de la educación
Edited by Thierry Chevaillier
65-Le financement de l’éducation-couverture
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ISBN 978-2-85420-603-6

Across the world, the second half of the twentieth century was marked by the considerable development of the education sector. This development concerns all education tiers levels of education, from primary to higher education, and places a heavy burden on national budgets. All countries are implementing education funding reforms in order to increase staff numbers, improve results, and adapt to the demands of a changing society.
Issue 65 of the Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres explores policies pursued over the last few decades to maintain or increase resources earmarked for education. It draws on nine case studies from England, Argentina, Burkina Faso, France, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam, and provides a comparative analysis and bibliography.
Despite the great diversity of contexts and constraints affecting the education systems analysed in this issue, common trends can be identified. Funding mechanisms tend to be differentiated depending on the education tiers level of education in question, private funding accounts for an increasingly large share of higher education resources, and the separation between the public and private sectors is becoming blurred and giving way to mixed funding and management mechanisms. Across the board, the very organisation of education systems is evolving as a result of increased competition and the introduction of new, market-inspired approaches.
These innovations entail a redefinition of the state’s role and policy instruments. In its capacity as leader, arbiter and guarantor of equality, the state’s organisation and financial and regulatory interventions are being redefined.
The issue is coordinated by Thierry Chevaillier, emeritus professor at the University of Burgundy.

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