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Colloque : L’éducation en Asie en 2014 : Quels enjeux mondiaux ?

12, 13 et 14 juin 2014, CIEP
Education in Asia in 2014: what global issues? (12-14 June 2014)

For the 20th anniversary of the journal, the CIEP organizes an international conference entitled “Education in Asia in 2014: What Global Issues?” (12-14 June 2014). The conference aims to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of the educational realities of this diverse and important region. The conference provides also an opportunity to consider how Asian countries are responding to their own educational challenges, and the relevance of these responses outside Asia. Bringing together speakers from around twenty countries, the conference is organized around the following three core strands: 1) Asia’s education systems: How is school represented? 2) Asia’s education systems: Organizations, strategies and results? 3) Education in Asia and across the world: Towards Asian models? Towards competition or cooperation?

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