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This bibliography was compiled as part of the international conference “Education in Asia in 2014: What Global Issues?”,organised by the Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres. It is designed to complement papers presented in plenary sessions and workshops. The choice of bibliographic references has been guided by three criteria – issues explored, geographical contexts examined at the conference, and publication date (2010 onwards) – in order to take account of Asia’s contemporary educational realities. The aim here is to give a non-specialist readership an insight into the educational issues and debates currently animating the Asian continent.

The first section provides a general framework and contains two types of bibliographic reference: on one hand, reports published by international organisations, in particular UNESCO Bangkok, the OECD and the World Bank; on the other, works by authors hailing from various institutional and disciplinary fields, who study education in Asia from anthropological, cultural, historical, economic or political perspectives.

The second section mirrors the structure of the conference workshops. The references are categorised by workshop title, according to the countries examined in case studies, speakers, and the issue discussed in the workshop. We have also provided the publisher’s abstract for each title, in order to give readers a more detailed idea of its content. Space constraints have meant that, in some cases, abstracts have been abridged. While bibliographic details are given in both English and French, most of the chosen references are from English-speaking countries. Indexes of authors and places names are also provided.

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