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Alain Bouvier and Marie-José Sanselme
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1This international conference is the fourth organized by the Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) and its journal, the Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres. Looking at their successive themes, one can see that the conferences are becoming more and more ambitious.

2In 2005, the focus was on better understanding the schools of tomorrow. In 2009, following the publication of numerous international surveys, a question naturally arose: one world, one school? Then, in 2014, under the attentive eye of researchers and experts from five continents, the focus was to collectively examine education in Asia, an original and interesting subject, but a difficult one to address.

3This conference is even more remarkable because it questions the conditions underpinning the success of education system reforms, an issue that concern sthe entire planet. In the following text, Jean-Marie De Ketele, an emeritus professor at the CatholicUniversity of Leuven, presents the scientific content of this conference, the way we have structured it, and our organizational plans.

4The conference has been prepared with the valuable collaboration of the scientific council and the journal’s editorial committee. Above all, it has benefited from the scientific support of many other people who came to the CIEP a few months ago to attend a rich international preparatory seminar. In a way, this conference is the fruit of the latter. The work conducted over the three days of the conference, from 12 June 14 June2019, will continue because in 2020, under the editorship of Jean-Marie De Ketele, an issue of the journal will be developed around the discussions that take place at the conference. We will further enrich this by seeking additional written contributions.

5The Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. A total of 80 issues have already been published, on extremely varied topics. Mark Bray of the University of Hong Kong has noted that today the journal has become a genuine international encyclopaedia of education. This international comparative journal, which is published entirely French, translates from several languages most of the articles it seeks. It thereby bridges different language regions and since its creation has published over 1,000 authors from 110 countries.

6We are in charge of running the journal, supported by two friendly and effective teams, the journal’s scientific board and editorial committee, the members of which will attend this conference. In addition and above all, the journal enjoys thevaluable support of the CIEP (soon to be renamed France Education International), through its successive directors and its departments, including the Resource and Documentation Centre.

7The print edition of the journal has been distributed by Éditions Didier since2002. It is also available in digital format and can be accessed in open access It is the most widely consulted French-language journal on education issues, with over 2,000 visits per day on average and 700,000 in total in 2018,80 % of which come from over 100 countries. Lastly, the review is present on and well placed by the majority of search engines, which no doubt explains the above.

8We will conclude with a point that is close to our heart.

9The journal and its international conferences are great human and intellectual adventures. We are about to experience another one, together, over these three days. We are especially pleased to be enjoying your active and enriching participation.

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Alain Bouvier and Marie-José Sanselme, « Foreword »Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres [Online], The conditions for successful education reforms (12–14 June 2019, CIEP), Online since 11 June 2019, connection on 28 November 2020. URL:

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Alain Bouvier

Editor-in-Chief of the Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres

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Marie-José Sanselme

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres

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