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The Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres, published by France Education International/CIEP, is a French-language journal which provides a comparative approach in the field of educational policies and teaching practices. With more than 1,200 authors published from 110 countries on all continents, the journal has become an encyclopedia of education around the world, as well as a bridge between continents and cultures.
The journal has an international scientific board and an editorial committee, which convene at regular intervals. It publishes three issues a year for an audience of education policymakers and practitioners, as well as academics and researchers from various disciplines with an interest in education. Issues are organised around a central topic an also provide information and documentary resources on education systems.
The journal periodically organises international conferences to reflect upon major ongoing developments in the field of education across the world. These conferences are used to produce a special issue of the journal available in full access on OpenEdition.

On the occasion of the journal’s 25th anniversary, Issue 83 (April 2020) Reforming educationis fully accessible from June 2020.

Latest issue
85 | Décembre 2020
La recherche en éducation

Education research
La investigación en educación
Edited by Jean-Marie De Ketele

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of the voice of researchers in political decision-making. What about in the field of education?
How do the relationships between education research, political decision-making and action on the ground intersect? What is the power of the different players and where is it located?
This issue analyses various contexts: France, China, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Wales and Quebec, and broadens the reflection to the case of Africa and Arab countries. It highlights the different equilibria in place and their impact on education.
Close cooperation between the spheres of research, decision-making and action seems more necessary than ever in order for education systems to be able to meet educational needs and face up to societal changes.
This dossier thus attempts to tease out which conditions would make it possible to create collective intelligence to support the quality of education.

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