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Segmentation lexicale de la parole continue : la linéarité en question

Sophie Wauquier-Gravelines
p. 133-156


Speech signal and phonological representations of speech adopted by psycholinguistical models (SPE model) have supported for a long time a strictly left-right algorithmic linear conception of speech treatment. Last experimental results and last psycholinguistical modelisations, as also proposals of multilinear phonology, invite us to consider that speech treatment could be more heuristic and could include both proactive and retroactive processes.

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Electronic reference

Sophie Wauquier-Gravelines, « Segmentation lexicale de la parole continue : la linéarité en question », Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes [Online], 28 | 1999, Online since 09 September 2005, connection on 28 November 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Sophie Wauquier-Gravelines

Université de Nantes

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