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Manifestations gabaritiques dans la morphologie verbale du berbère (parler chleuh d'Agadir)

Mohamed Lahrouchi
p. 61-82


In Tashelhiyt Berber, causative and reciprocal verbs are built by means of monoconsonantal prefixes attached to a stem. Depending on properties of the stem, those prefixes will be realized as single or geminate segments. It is argued in this paper that an initial templatic site is responsible for the size variations of the prefixes. Moreover, complex combinations of those prefixes (causative + reciprocal, reciprocal + causative) feed seemingly paradoxical phonological phenomena of selective dissimilation. They are shown to follow directly from the presence of the initial site.

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Electronic reference

Mohamed Lahrouchi, « Manifestations gabaritiques dans la morphologie verbale du berbère (parler chleuh d'Agadir) », Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes [Online], 32 | 2003, Online since 06 June 2005, connection on 27 November 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Mohamed Lahrouchi

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