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Instructions to the authors

Each issue includes a thematic and a non-thematic section. For both sections submissions are open and spontaneous. Articles will be preferably written in French but proposals in German, English, Spanish and Italian will also be accepted.

Regardless of the language used, each article must provide a 15 line abstract both in French and in English (including a translation of the title), a list of keywords and a bibliography formatted as follows.

Every submitted article will be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. The authors have full copyright but any reprint must mention the original RSP publication.

Articles must not exceed 20 pages (8000 words, 40000 characters). We accept at any time summaries of PhDs in Semantics (1 to 2 pages) or Pragmatics defended over the last two years.

The articles must be addressed to:

Comité de lecture – RSP
Département des sciences du langage.
UFR Collegium LLSH.
10 rue de Tours - BP 46527
45065 ORLEANS cedex 2 – France

Or, emailed (preferably) to:

We recommend the following document name: Author name_title

The anonymous article (Word and PDF) will be sent as an attached file. The author’s name, institution and mailing address will be included in the email.

  1. The entire text, notes included, must be written in Times, double-spaced.

  2. In-text references to published works will be formatted as follows: author name followed by publication date (and page numbers if necessary). All information will be placed in brackets, except the name: Ducrot (1980, 24-35).

  3. Linguistic forms cited in the body of the text must be written in italics.

  4. The number of footnotes must be kept to a minimum.

References must be formatted as follows


Dubois, D. (éd.) (1991), Sémantique et cognition. Catégories, prototypes, typicalité, Paris : Éditions du CNRS.

Cole, P. et Morgan, J. L. (ed.) (1975), Syntax and Semantics 3: Speech Acts, New York : Academic Press.

Colin, P. et Mevel, J.-P. (1990), Dictionnaire de l’argot, Paris : Larousse.

Collective works

Hintikka, J. (1978), "Answers to Questions", in Hiz, H. (ed.) (1978), 279-301.


Bosredon, B. et Tamba, I. (1991), "Verre à pied, moule à gaufres : préposition et nom composé de sous-classe", Langue française, 91 : 40-55.

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