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n°7— Translations of encyclopedic-type scientific texts

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The transmission of knowledge takes place both in time and space. Cultural encounters are a force for cultural change, and translators play a crucial role in this operation. We know the considerable impact that Arabic and then Latin translations of Greek texts had in the Middle Ages, but we cannot reduce these exchanges to one or two channels of transmission: all ancient languages and cultures benefited from the contributions of other literatures (Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Demotic, Greek, Latin... and the Latin, Germanic or Slavic vernacular languages) as a reward for their linguistic hospitality. This issue intends to emphasize the linguistic and cultural issues of this service of translation and learned mutation which take various forms, from technical bilingual lexicons to translations or adaptations of scientific treatises.

Contributions for this issue sent to the editorial staff of RursuSpicae will be peer-reviewed.

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