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Partnership with EASAS

About the SAMAJ-EASAS Partnership

SAMAJ and the European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS) jointly edit, once a year, a special issue with some of the best papers presented in the European Conference for South Asian Studies that is organized by EASAS every two years.

The SAMAJ-EASAS series editors are Alessandra Consolaro are Sanjukta Das Gupta.

Alessandra Consolaro, SAMAJ-EASAS Series editor, is Associate Professor of Modern Indian Languages and Literature at the University of Turin.

Sanjukta Das Gupta is Associate Professor of Modern Indian History at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

EASAS is a charitable, academic association engaged in the support of research and teaching concerning South Asia with regard to all periods and fields of study. The objectives of EASAS are to promote South Asian Studies in all countries of Europe.

SAMAJ-EASAS Thematic Issue Series

23 | 2020
Unique Identification in India: Aadhaar, Biometrics and Technology-Mediated Identities
edited by
Silvia Masiero and S. Shakthi

21 | 2019
Representations of the "Rural" in India from the Colonial to the Post-Colonial
edited by
Joël Cabalion and Delphine Thivet

18 | 2018
Wayside Shrines: Everyday Religion in Urban India
edited by Borayin Larios and Raphaël Voix

16 | 2017
Changing Family Realities in South Asia?
edited by
Parul Bhandari and Fritzi-Marie Titzmann

13 | 2016
Land, Development and Security in South Asia
edited by
Katy Gardner and Eva Gerharz

11 | 2015
Contemporary Lucknow: Life with ‘Too Much History’
edited by
Raphael Susewind and Christopher B. Taylor

9 | 2014
Imagining Bangladesh: Contested Narratives
edited by
Benjamin Zeitlyn, Manpreet K. Janeja and José Mapril

8 | 2013
Delhi's Margins
edited by Radhika Govinda

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