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Drafting committee

Definition of the editorial board

In collaboration with the director, the editorial board of SAS journal brings together experts from the social field. This committee is regularly called upon to select the proposals for articles, reports, thematic files, testimonies and experiments. The editorial committee ensures the proper functioning of all the sections of the journal and its editorial quality. In practice, the editorial committee, in connection with the orientations and decisions of the scientific committee, proposes and selects: thematic files and their coordinators, original articles, reports, testimonies and experiments. When this proves useful, in collaboration with the scientific committee, the editorial committee appoints external reviewers.

Composition of the Editorial Board

Managing Editor

  • Manuel Boucher, University professor in sociology at the University of Perpignan. Member of CORHIS (UPVD-UPVM), Chairman of the Scientific Council of IRTS-IDS Normandie, President of ACOFIS, Head of the "Standards, deviances and social reactions" axis of AFS.

Drafting committee

    • Maïtena Armagnague-Roucher, Associate Professor in Sociology, INS HEA / Université Paris Lumière (UPL), researcher at GRHAPES, associated with the Emile Durkheim Centre - University of Bordeaux Segalen

    • Brigitte Baldelli, Doctor of Sociology, researcher at the Communication, Human Resources and Social Intervention Laboratory. Actors, devices, institutions, networks / social transformations (CORHIS - University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 - University of Perpignan Via Domitia), teacher at IRTS Languedoc-Roussillon

    • Mohamed Belqasmi, Researcher, Laboratory for Social Studies and Research (LERS-IDS-TS Normandie), Doctor of Sociology, University of Nice - Migration and Society Research Unit (URMIS).

    • Claudio Bolzman, Doctor of Sociology, professor, Haute École du Travail Social at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and the University of Geneva

    • Véronique Bordes, Lecturer, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, researcher at the Joint Research Unit (MA122) "education, training, work and knowledge"

    • Abdellatif Chaouite, Doctor in psychology, anthropologist, editor-in-chief of the journal Écarts Identity

    • Emanuela Chiodo, Doctor of Sociology and Political Science, Research Associate, Department of Political and Social Sciences (DiSpeS), University of Calabria

    • Laurent Courtois, Doctor in sociology, lecturer, University of Poitiers

    • Anne-Françoise Dequire, Doctor of Educational Sciences, lecturer and researcher, Catholic University of Lille, Charles de Gaulle University of Lille 3, Social Training Institutes, member of the PROFEOR research laboratory (EA2261), University of Lille 3

    • Jean Foucart, Doctor of sociology, lecturer in the social department, Haute École Louvain en Hainaut, director of the magazine Pensée Plurielle

    • Agathe Petit, Doctor in anthropology, research associate at IRTS PACA and Corsica

    • Régis Pierret, Doctor of Sociology, Sociologist, Trainer-researcher IDS-TS Normandie (Rouen), Member of the Association of Researchers of Training and Social Intervention Organisations (ACOFIS)

    • Marie-Laure Pouchadon, Doctor in sociology, researcher, IRTS Aquitaine, associate researcher at the Centre Emile Durkheim (UMR 5116)

Definition of the editorial office

The editorial secretariat receives the text proposals (articles, files, reports, testimonies, experiments) and communicates them to the editorial committee which, in conjunction with the scientific committee, organises the evaluation of the texts. The editorial office ensures that the proposed texts comply with the recommendations made to the authors. It informs the authors of the decisions taken by the editorial and scientific committees. When a text is selected, until its publication, the editorial secretariat is the interface between the author and the journal and guarantees the editorial quality of the texts published by SAS.

Composition of the editorial staff

  • Claire Lagu, Administrative Assistant, Institute for Social Development (IDS-TS Normandie)

  • Bessie Leconte, Research technician, CESDIP (CNRS - UMR 8183)

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