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Author recommendations

Article and review proposals should be sent to

Authors should follow these recommendations:


  • Name and first name of the author and their home institution. The names, contact details and institutional affiliations of the authors must appear on a separate sheet.

Article text

  • Articles submitted in French or English should not exceed 80,000 characters and should preferably include between 30,000 and 50,000 characters, including spaces, notes and bibliography.

  • Each article must include a summary in French and English not exceeding 700 characters as well as a list of 5 key words in both languages.

Review text

  • The proposed reviews should not exceed 20,000 characters and should preferably include between 12,000 and 15,000 characters, including spaces, notes and bibliography.


  • The text is single-spaced, justified, preferably saved in MS Word 2010 (otherwise Word 2007), in Times New Roman 11 pt.

  • The chapter titles are in 14 pt (same font).

  • The titles are in 11pt, in bold and without numbering (same font).

  • The subtitles are in 11 pt, in italics (non-bold) and without numbering (same font).

  • Footnotes are in Times New Roman 10 pt.

  • Do not put a period at the end of a title or subheading.

  • Do not use styles and formatting.

Bibliographical references

  • They will be placed in the body of the text.

  • They will mention the author, the year and possibly the page. Example: (Dupont, 1835) or (Dupont, 1835, p. 102).

  • They will be included at the end of the book under the title “Bibliography”.


  • They will be placed at the bottom of the page and numbered from 1 to n.

  • The note call is placed before any punctuation mark (example: note²?; “Note².”, Etc.).


  • Figures, diagrams, tables, maps, photos, ... etc. will be provided as separate documents (in pdf, png or jpeg).

Their titles and captions will be placed in the text at the desired place for their insertion.

The illustration credits must be mentioned (©, date, place).


  • For works

Ferry J.-M., 1987, Jürgen Habermas. The ethics of communication, Paris, ed. Puf, coll. (possibly name of the collection).

Separate all of these with commas, not periods.

  • For journal articles

Bourgeois-Gironde S., 2007, “The paradox of the rule and the limits of relativism”, in Traces, n ° 12, p. 61-76.

  • For collective work articles

Habermas J., 1997, “Reconciliation through the public use of reason. Remarks on the political liberalism of John Rawls ”, in Habermas J. and Rawls J., Debate on political justice, Paris, ed. Cerf, coll. Humanities, p. 9-48.

Capital letters

  • the European Commission

  • the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice

  • French Association of Sociology

  • National Education

Please put the accents on the capita, in French. Example: À, École


dir. (for under the direction) - ed. in English (Eds if several authors)

ed. (for editing)

coll. (for collection)

vol. (for volume)

n. 5 (for number)

p. 4 (for page)

4th (for fourth)

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