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17 | 2022
Les langages du jeu vidéo

Video Game Languages

Considering the computer language that produces them, the discursive communities they foster, as well as their semiotic multimodality, video games imply and incorporate languages in many ways, and therefore raise questions common to communication sciences, linguistics and game studies. This issue of Sciences du jeu highlights that video games, through the various modes of agency that they deploy and that constitute acts of communication with the player, construct their own languages, norms of playability and instances of mediation that regulate our relationship to the graphic interface as well as to the playable world. Video games thus constitute a system of discursive production that combines audiovisual, linguistic and procedural rhetorical strategies. The six scientific articles in this issue include radical theoretical and methodological proposals for the study of the languages of video games, as well as documented case studies on tutorials, video game translation and the video game press.

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