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Sciences du jeu is an international and interdisciplinary journal, whose mission is to develop and promote french-speaking researches on play. The journal intends to foster dialogue between social sciences and set off debates on this particular subject. Published by the University of Paris 13, the journal is open to all approaches or methods, on every aspects of play, and has the ambition to present researches from various fields related to play in a broad sense (objects, structures, situations, experiences, attitudes).

Latest issue
11 | 2019
Que dit la philosophie des jeux vidéo ?

What does Philosophy say about Video Games ?

This issue brings together contributions from a particular discipline: philosophy. Philosophy and game studies have an ancient relationship in the French-speaking context, but what do philosophers have to say, in their own right, about video games? This dossier confronts points of view that belong to different theoretical traditions, and are sometimes considered incompatible: analytical philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, political philosophy, phenomenology, aesthetics, etc. It allows to compare approaches on shared problems: the relationship between fiction and rules, between game and play, the body and rhythmic aspects of playing. But this issue also questions philosophy as a discipline: its approaches, its corpuses, its relations to game studies and social sciences.

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