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About the Journal

Sociologie du travail is one of the oldest journals of sociology in France. It has been published continuously since 1959. Michel Crozier, Jean-Daniel Reynaud, Alain Touraine and Jean-René Tréanton founded it, under the patronage of Georges Friedmann and Jean Stoetzel. It is published with the support of CNRS.

Sociologie du travail has accompanied the development of the socioogical researchs on work and the emergence of a major sociological field. However, it is not a specialized journal, because the boundaries of work have been shifted (work is not just industrial, handicraft, administrative, tertial, manual, it is also domestic, activist, volunteer, amateur, free, informal, artistic, creative, athletic, political, etc.), and because work can not be isolated from broader questions concerning the social, economic, political, institutional, cultural changes.

Sociologie du travail is attached to diffuse the plurality of sociology, at national but also European and international level. It does not favor any theoretical or methodological orientation, but welcomes the work that fit in the debates of their field and are based on a solid empirical foundation.

Mission statement

Sociologie du travail has the following objectives:

  • To be a leading sociology journal in terms of academic substance, scholarly reputation, and relevance to contemporary social issues.

  • To publish the best work from scholars regardless of the region where they work.

  • To encourage new and aspiring sociologists to submit papers to the journal, and to spotlight their work through the “Prix du jeune auteur”.

  • To publish papers responding to the highest international standards of sociological research.

  • To carry papers from across the full range of sociological research, theoretical frames and methodological approaches.

  • To stimulate debate on issues in contemporary sociology, for example through “dossiers-débats”.

  • To highlight new areas of sociological research, new developments in sociological theory and methodological innovations, for example through special issues.


Collective action, Public policy, Career, Social classes, International comparison, Employment, Enterprise, State, Vocational training, Gender, Inequalities, Markets, Social movements, Organization, Professions, Regulations, Industrial relations, Sociology, Work.

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