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Sociétés savantes

Academic societies
  • Sie ist eine der ältesten literarische Gesellschaft Europas, wenn nicht sogar der Welt, und hat ca. 2.000 Mitglieder. Sie fördert die Kenntnis, Pflege und Aneignung des Werkes von William Shakespeare im deutschen Sprachgebiet. Dabei stützt sie sich auf eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit Wissenschaft, Schule und künstlerischer Praxis.
  • The BSA was formed in 2003 and is dedicated to supporting people who teach, research and perform Shakespeare's works. A major conference is held every two years.
  • The Shakespeare Association of America (SAA) is a non-profit, academic organization devoted to the study of William Shakespeare and his plays and poems, the cultural and theatrical milieu in which he lived and worked, and the various roles he has played in both Anglo-American and world culture ever since. The Association holds annual meetings in different North American cities so that its members can exchange ideas and discuss strategies for reading, teaching, researching, and writing about S(…)
  • The Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies (SEDERI) has as its main aim to encourage scholarly research on the English language, as well as its literature, history and culture of the 16th and 17th centuries. Since its foundation in 1990 SEDERI has organized an annual conference in several Spanish and Portuguese Universities.
  • The Shakespeare Institute’s library is a renowned collection of international importance and scholars have access to outstanding picture collections, records and library holdings of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust including the archives of the Royal Shakespeare Company. The University Library of The University of Birmingham and the Shakespeare collection of the Birmingham Central Reference Library are just a short journey away.
  • The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is the independent charity that cares for the world’s greatest Shakespeare heritage sites. At the heart of all things ‘Shakespeare’, the Trust holds the world’s largest Shakespeare-related museum and archives open to the public. The Shakespeare Centre Library and Archives also house the Royal Shakespeare Company’s archive and the records for the town of Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area.
  • The Shakespearean Theatre in Gdańsk is in its final stages of accomplishment, but it still needs our support. Send a small donation and become one of the theater's bricklayers !
  • La SAES a vocation à regrouper les enseignants et les enseignants-chercheurs anglicistes de l’enseignement supérieur français. Elle compte actuellement environ 2240 membres. La SAES organise des rencontres professionnelles entre les anglicistes français, en liaison avec des associations savantes spécialisées. Un congrès annuel se tient au mois de mai dans une université de province depuis 1961. La SAES publie un Bulletin qui est diffusé à ses membres. ISSN : 0982.3654.(…)
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