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42 | 2016
Zones humides et pouvoirs territoriaux

Wetlands and territorial power
Edited by Raphaël MORERA

« Wetlands and territorial powers » is a thematic issue based on a workshop organized by both RUCHE (Réseau de Chercheurs en Histoire Environnementale) and GHZH (Groupe d’Histoire des Zones Humides). These articles question the power games developed and induced by the governance of wetlands in such different areas as USSR, Early Mondern Shetland Islands and France. How territorial powers governed wetlands? Did they enforce specific modalities? Exploitation conditions, whether intensive or extensive, but also the will to preserve those revealed logics of power at force on a specific area. Development projects of marshes and peatlands contributed to affirm political powers which detained rights and tools involved to achieve it. Moreover, these articles show how wetlands could be used by authorities. This historical inquiry is fully anchored in current environmental dynamics. Wetlands statute has deeply changed since the beginning of the 1970s. They are no longer seen as repulsive areas and have been erected as bulwark of the biodiversity. This change mobilizes a chain of powers: from the landowners to States and international organizations.

Editor's notes

La mise en ligne de ce numéro a été effectuée par Isabelle Langlois et Claude Tardif.

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