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43 | 2016
Transferts culturels et politiques entre révolution et contre-révolution en Europe (1789-1840)

Cultural and political transferences from revolution to Counter-revolution in Europe (1789-1840)
Transferencias culturales y políticas entre la revolución y la contrarrevolución en Europa (1789-1840)
Edited by Jean-Philippe Luis and Andoni Artola Renedo

This issue of Siècles, dedicated to the Counter-Revolution from 1789 to the end of the 1830s, is part of a historiographical approach  that understands revolution and counter-revolution as two parts of the process of breaking away from  the Old Regime and its legal, corporate and religious foundations. Without underestimating the considerable differences between both movements, this issue highlights the phenomena of porosity in terms of world view and the conception of man in society.  Focused on territories of Southern Europe that were strongly influenced by Catholicism (France, Spain, Italy and in certain respects Switzerland), the articles in this issue demonstrate in what ways the counter-revolution borrowed symbolic and discursive practices and methods that emerged initially during the revolution. Those transfers participated in the development of a complex opposition process to the revolution, and thus testify to the breakfrom the Old regime.

This issue of Siècles was prepared under the auspices of the AREC (Actors and Networks during the Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Europe, 1789-1848), financed by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Counsel.

Editor's notes

Depuis janvier 2016, A. Artola Renedo est chercheur du programme de perfectionnement du Gouvernement Basque à l'Université du Pays Basque et l'Institut d'Histoire de la Révolution Française.

La mise en ligne de ce numéro a été effectuée par Claude Tardif-Perraut et Isabelle Langlois.
Les résumés en anglais sont des traductions de Marie Bolton.

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