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33-34 | 2011
Les agglomérations secondaires

Les Lémovices et leur territoire de l'âge du Fer au Moyen Âge
Small Towns: Lemovices City from the Second Iron Age to the Middle Ages
Edited by Stéphanie Guédon and Blaise Pichon

This issue is devoted to the Lemovice and Limousin small towns as situated in longue durée history, from the Second Iron Age to the Middle Ages.  Investigation beginswith a re-examination of the sources available to historians and archeologists of this topic.  Next, several fields of research have been  sufficiently explored to develop preliminary syntheses, devoted to the religious aspects of the small towns of Lemovice city in antiquity and the question of the “central sites” of medieval Limousin.  Finally, the presentation of several well document case studies in recent archeological research has allowed scholars to situate the observations of Lemovice antiquity with an overall assessment of the concept of small towns.
Translation : Marie Bolton

Editor's notes

Ce numéro double 33-34 de la revue Siècles est le premier conçu directement en édition électronique. Cette édition a été réalisée par Isabelle Langlois (Isabelle.Langlois[at]

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